Asia furniture | Solid Wood Floor Installation

To install a solid wood floor in your home you must have your sub-floor prepared. You do this by making sure it is sound and level, the moisture level is correct and the room temperature is approximately the same level in which you are going to live in. Also all materials have to be on site one week before installation to climatize the wood.

You choose the design, color and variety you like from samples given and then you place your order. There are different species available which include Oak, European oak, Prime oak, Rustic oak, Walnut, Merbau, Iroko, Rhodesian teak, Maple, teak, ebony, wenge. Make sure your flooring comes end matched and is kiln dried to less than 10% moisture.

When fitting a floor on a wood floor base the sub- floor can be boarded out with ply. Generally upstairs you don't have a problem with the moisture level but downstairs always check for this to make sure you have an air flow from the front to back of your house and that your air flow bricks are cleaned out and not blocked.

Cut out your door frames first by using a saw place on top of the flooring material up against the frame and saw the frame out so that the floor fits snugly underneath. You may need to chisel it out manually. On wood floors lay the flooring tongue side towards you and secure down with a porta nailer every 400mm. On a concrete floor use a sausage adhesive like Silka and lay a 10ml by 10ml bead 400mm apart in lines like batons.