Asia furniture | Solid Wood Writing Desks

Solid wood writing desks are fantastic pieces of office furniture that have long been the working are not only for writers, but also for businessmen of all types. Solid wood writing desks have been made by builders for literally hundreds of years. While fiberboard and panel might be in vogue now, they can't compare to the original sturdy designs.

One of the earliest known forms of the writing desk is the Jacobean style from 1600s Great Britain. Because of the timber available, these pieces of now antique office furniture are normally built from oak or walnut. These had darker finishes, straight lines, and some even had intricate carvings or geometric designs on the sides for decoration.

While the Jacobean designs might have been the first on the scene, they certainly were not the last. Even in Britain and other similar geographic locations, other styles of writing desk would emerge such as the William and Mary style. These were more fancy and ornate designs that borrowed from foreign influences. Many of these desks were among the first to have lacquered finishes, and they were designed from more than just oak and walnut. In fact, many of these types of writing desk were carved from black walnut, ebony, or holly and provided more aristocratic appearances.

While the particular designs and styles of choice would change by era, one thing remained constant. Solid wood writing desks were hand made by master cabinet makers with a quality of work that is hard to find today. This trend would continue even into the early parts of the Industrial Revolution when many wood desks were being mass produced by machines and unskilled labor.

Whether antique or modern a solid wood writing desk can add beauty and functionality into your office or home. Whether it is a symbol of status or form allowing for function or a combination thereof a solid wood writing desk can last long enough to become a family heirloom and can stick around for generations.