Decorating Your Home with Teak Wood Colonial Furniture Style

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Decorating Your Home with Teak Wood Colonial Furniture Style

Colonial furniture style is a style of furniture which is of American colonies and largely influenced by contemporary European styles. But, it has some indigenous features such as using greater variety in woods and having more curving and turning in some parts of the furniture. Some also has a small simple carving on some parts like legs or even its corners. It can be assumed that colonial furniture style is an elegant light classic furniture.

Decorating your home with wooden colonial furniture style does not have to be complicated. Everyone knows that colonial style is elegant and rich. We just need to think about furniture lists needed, what furniture material you want, in what color of your furniture will be, and what about some other decoration stuffs needed.

Indonesia colonial furnitureThe easiest way to decide how many furniture needed and what are they is by counting how many rooms in your house is. Then what to do is deciding per room. Room size is also very important to be considered. You don’t wanna buy a furniture which does not fit to be placed into your room right?

There are many types of wood that can be used as furniture materials. One of them is teak wood. Not only about how beautiful the wood grain is. It also about its great quality. Its credibility has also been recognized by furniture industry players. This wood is strong and durable. It is classified into hard wood. Further, the wood which hard and strong is very suitable to be used as colonial furniture material. Even the color of wood is very supportive – browny.
Browny to dark color is one of colonial furniture style characteristic. For indoor teak upholstery furniture, it will become more colonial if it is decorated with colorful velvet fabrics and tapestries. You may also paint or paper the wall in elegant floral design.

Last, you need to find out proper stuffs to creat colonial ambience into your home. Shutters for example. Since shutters were popular in colonial days. And they calls shutters instead of curtains and blinds.
Wisanka is one of manufacturer and exporter of indoor furniture range. Indoor teak furniture is one of the best option we offer. And one of our collection is in colonial style. Please contact for more info.

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