Indoor teak cabinet 6 drawers 1 door

Cabinet 6 drawers 1 door

Indoor teak cabinet 6 drawers 1 door

Some says wooden cabinet furniture is essential for every house. It is needed as it is able to provide additional storage for you to store anything. It also helps to make home becomes more organized. While why it should be wooden cabinet? It is because wooden are assumed to be the best furniture material. It is sustainable, durable, and beautiful.

So that, you do not need to replace it unless you want to change style of your room and the entire furnishings inside. Further, teak wooden cabinet goes well in any room of your home. It is also truly easy for you to pair it with any other furnishings inside the room even if it is in different materials.

Aware of people requirements of wooden cabinet, Asia furniture as teak furniture manufacturer design, produce a miraculous lovable wooden cabinet. We named it as “Cabinet 6 Drawers 1 Door”. Made in Indonesia teak wood. This type of wood is the most well known Indonesia type of wood classified into hardwood. It is durable, so that it will last much longer that any othet type of wood. We apply NC finishing material into it. This kind of finishing material is suitable for indoor furniture use only. It is ready in many colors. But we prefer to use RBY light color. We wanna expose exoticism of wooden grain. Hereinafter, about style of design, it is colonial furniture style that we use for our wooden cabinet. It has short square four legs which are slightly pursed down. It has also some details on its surface make it incredibly comely. Buying and bringing back home Indonesia hand crafted wooden cabinet like ours is genuinely worthy for you. Indonesia furniture.

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