Indoor teak wooden cabinet with 9 drawers

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Proudly present one of our wondrous wooden cabinet collection in indoor furniture range. It is named as Cabinet 9 drawers. This is one of must have items. Why this is the right choice to buy?

First, as a teak furniture manufacturer, we love to use indonesia teak wood as material of this cabinet. Teak wood is well known as the hardest and most durable woods available. Also it has a tight grained which gives a beautiful and smooth appearance. Placing this furniture for interior, able to adds elegant and shows owner high prestige.

Second, we apply wax in natural color onto this cabinet surface. Wax natural color give us a chance to show off marvelous teak wood grain. Morever, it will be easy for you to match it with other furniture finishing color.

Third, due to design Cabinet 9 Drawers has colonial furniture style. We classify it into clean line colonial furniture design. There is some details on bottom of cabinet. As well as simple fancy design in dark color as the drawer handle.

Fourth, we offer a kind of handmade Indonesia wooden furniture which is crafted by Indonesia craftsmen. You will find out some plus value in your furnishings. The taste, the feels, is totally different to the machinery product.

Buying furniture for your home is not only bringing home beautiful furniture, but also bringing home a good quality furnishings which is able to bring out a new atmosphere into. Good quality Indonesia wooden furniture will not date. It looks better as it gets older. You will know that it will last in a long time. And, we supply such of that thing.

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