Rafless Chest – Indonesia Teak Wooden Chest of Drawer

Rafless Chest

Before buying a new chest of drawer, there are some essential things you need to know. Some even says that chest of drawers is not only somewhere you store your underware. It is more than that. So that you need to find the right and best chest of drawer. Then you need to consider entire things before buy and bring it back home with you. Something you need to consider are: material, color, style, and size.
First is material. Many material can be used as chest of drawers material. One of them is wood. There are so many types of wood we can find. But, Indonesia has one of the most storied type of wood, that is Indonesia Teak wood. Classified into hard wood, this type of wood is also has a comely wood grain. The best part is, teak wood is durable. This is ideal as a material for furniture.
Second is about color. This aspect is very important to be considered for who wants to buy chest of drawers to complete furniture set in their room but not for who wants to replace all the furniture set in their room.
Third aspect is style. All knows that there are many furniture style nowadays. Sometimes we can mix and match some styles to be put in one room. But sometime we could not. I am sure we do agree that it will be a bit weird once you put a classic chest of drawers into your modern bedroom furniture set.
Fourth is about size. Yes this aspect is significant. Both size of chest of drawers you will buy and also size of your room where it will be put. It would be very disappointing if you buy a beautiful chest of drawers but after taking it home it didn’t fit in the room.
Therefore Wisanka present a magnificent lovable chest of drawers named as Rafless Chest. It is made of Indonesia Teak Wooden chest of drawers. Featuring out with some details in the edge parts and with small metal circle handle on each drawers, it is more colonial style. Finished in wax in RBY light color showing off its beautiful teak wood grain. It is not too big so that fit for small room. This is ideal for you.
H: 115 cm, W: 85 cm, D: 45 cm
Material : Teak wood
Finishing : Wax, available in various colors

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